Training and Curriculum Development

Facilitation Work
  • Facilitator. A la Familia Train-the-Trainer. Highland, NC (2011, Omaha, NE (2011, 2012), Los Angeles, CA (2012), Portland, OR (2013)

  • Facilitator. Weaving Together Our Multi-Racial Families. Rainbow Families DC Conference, April 2012

  • Facilitator. Latinx Caucus and Workshop Track. Creating Change, 2006-2012.

  • Facilitator. Sorting Out Solutions: A People of Color Town Hall on Community Violence. Washington, DC 2011 

  • Facilitator. “Going Back to the Beginning: Developing Latinx Leaders.” Creating Change, 2010

  • Facilitator. “Combustible Elements: Internalized Oppression and Privilege.” Creating Change, 2008

  • Facilitator. “Equal Marriage: State and Federal Perspectives.” National NOW Conference, 2006

Curriculum Development Projects
  • Curriculum Developer. A La Familia: Train the Trainer. Winter 2012

  • Full list upon request